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Native Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny - Book 1

After 12 years working with the Lakota (Sioux) people, I shared their concern about a book about natives written by a non-native. This historical novel, first in a trilogy, is amazingly well researched and well written. It accurately portrays the culture of the Lakota people and provides vivid descriptions of life, hardships, and dreams of those who chose to move west on wagon trains crossing the US. It also portrays the immigrants who came here lured by the dream of a new life, and the conflicts that occurred as a result of different cultures and different lifestyles.   It also vividly describes those who viewed Natives as a group to be dominated and annihilated if necessary to meet a political goal or to pursue personal riches - something that continued long after the time of Manifest Destiny.

The characters are fully developed in this first book and we eagerly await to see them again in the next two books. It is to be hoped  that books like this will promote understanding of both the history and the present day life of the Lakota and other Native American tribes.
The books is available at Amazon and Good Reads.
Jeri Baker, Director, One Spirit

Must play to win

Once again, we are lucky enough to have a video from Dawn Brown Eyes showcasing the gorgeous dream catchers that are being donated for the Run for Life and two Lakota sports teams.

Every donation of $10 is worth one ticket for a chance at the dream catchers. But, you must "play" to win!

Team sports provide children with a myriad of benefits.
Help make these sports and events available to Lakota youth.

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When will they ever learn


It is difficult to even decide where to begin in writing a comment about the recent racist slur uttered by President Donald Trump at a ceremony that was supposed to honor three surviving Navajo veterans of World War II.
These heroes, like members of other tribes including the Lakota, served as communications aides for American forces in the war, as had Cherokee and Choctaw tribesmen in World War I. Despite discrimination and racism, Native Americans have always served with distinction in the military, honoring their country and their elders.

Photo credit: screengrab from CNN video

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Lakota unclaimed property

Ray Blocker

Ray Blocker, longtime supporter of the Lakota people and One Spirit, has been responsible for finding thousands of dollars in grants and merchandise for the Lakota through One Spirit, with the most recent being the Awesome Without Borders grant for Lakota teens.

Ray has recently founded a new Facebook page dedicated to returning Lakota property and monies, currently being held by the South Dakota Treasurer's Office, to the rightful owners. In his words: I have started a Facebook page called, "Lakota Unclaimed Property". Its purpose is to help return Oglala Sioux monies and property being held by the South Dakota Treasurer's Office to the rightful owner. So far, I have returned over $1,190 to Lakota schools, $750+ to 2 charities, and $901+ to Lakota individuals.

Ray does not charge for his service and has said he would investigate unclaimed property for other tribes as well. As a retired police officer, he says he's putting his investigative skills to use: "No charge...I am not an "asset locator". I'm a retired police officer and relic hunter who enjoys searching and finding stuff. You would be surprised at how much money is being held by SD...I care about the Oglala Sioux Tribe, and taking a fee to return money that is theirs to begin with is at best unconscionable."

Please visit and "Like" Ray's new Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Lakota.Unclaimed.Property


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