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Manifest Destiny - Book 1

After 12 years working with the Lakota (Sioux) people, I shared their concern about a book about natives written by a non-native. This historical novel, first in a trilogy, is amazingly well researched and well written. It accurately portrays the culture of the Lakota people and provides vivid descriptions of life, hardships, and dreams of those who chose to move west on wagon trains crossing the US. It also portrays the immigrants who came here lured by the dream of a new life, and the conflicts that occurred as a result of different cultures and different lifestyles.   It also vividly describes those who viewed Natives as a group to be dominated and annihilated if necessary to meet a political goal or to pursue personal riches - something that continued long after the time of Manifest Destiny.

The characters are fully developed in this first book and we eagerly await to see them again in the next two books. It is to be hoped  that books like this will promote understanding of both the history and the present day life of the Lakota and other Native American tribes.
The books is available at Amazon and Good Reads.
Jeri Baker, Director, One Spirit
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