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17th Annual 2014 Crazy Horse Ride
June 1st-5th
In Honor of all Veterans

Crazy Horse Ride

The Pride of the Oglala Sioux Tribe

The sound of distant thunder, the nighttime campfires and early in the morning I heard those warriors laughing and for just a moment, it was yesterday. A time when our people the Lakota gather their horses has come once again. The memories of last year and all the other years we owe you a Wopila Tanka. We couldn’t have done it without you the Oglala Lakota Tribe. It has been awesome! Last year there were over 200 Lakota horsemen, women and children were gathered. The sights and experiences that could only be imagined you would be a witness to if you were there. In our new world where all of this has been lost to a distant yesterday, together we have found it today even if it’s only for this special week. We remembered what we fought so hard for: “The Lakota Way of life”. Then we gathered our horses, forgot about our own personnel struggles and together as one we rode for our way of life. The Crazy Horse Ride, In Honor of all Veterans”, 17th annual horseback journey, can you believe it, and most of you were here from the start. Wopila Tanka Lakota Oyate.

Girl with Hobbyhorse

The youth and the Lakota Horse Nation

It is easily seen how much our children love horses. As a matter of a fact the horses are true healers and can be therapy. We all know the importance of bringing our youth together with their horses. The Crazy Horse ride does just that. It has been an honor to bring all of our youth together with their horses; we are 80% youth and we are proud of that. It’s not an easy trip for them and when they get home, please know we are proud of them and so should you be too. This is a long journey and we are a Drug and Alcohol free event. The importance of the ride can be heard throughout the year. Some of these kids wait all year for the ride to come: It means that much to them and we are proud of that.

Camp at Crazy Horse Ride

Special Invitation to your sponsorship

Also important that the ride continues, you are invited to be one of our proud sponsors and also be present at our event in the 2014 Crazy Horse Ride. We appreciate any and all that can make the ride happen. If you are already in on the preserving history part it would be great to jump in on the other two main purposes of the ride; our youth and our veterans of today. You can support our youth through sponsoring for as little as $50, providing appropriate clothing and food by clicking here and you can support our “Honoring of our veterans” by becoming a sponsor also. It has been many great fun years for our youth, some of who actually grew up on the ride.

Written by: Bamm Brewer

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