“Families that are stressed and impoverished — trapped in cycles of poverty — can feel a hopelessness that becomes self-fulfilling. Give people reason to hope that they can achieve a better life, and that, too, can be self-fulfilling.”

The Power of Hope is Real. Nicholas Kristof, NY Times, May 21, 2014

At the end of school this year, more than 20 young people came to a council meeting to ask if there was a way for them to have food while school was out.

The youth on the Crazy Horse Ride this week have been going without lunch. Mothers are bringing their children to the Youth Center for food.

The center in Wanblee where senior citizens eat one meal per day has completely run out of food.

Today several families called to ask to be added to our food program.


 It Is Hard To Have Hope On An Empty Stomach

It is hard to have hope on a continually empty stomach. But the Lakota people are working to maintain hope. This summer they are planning to establish food pantries, offering community meals, and developing sustainable food sources.

Food Pantries

One Spirit is working with the people of Wanblee to establish a food pantry in their community. We are putting the power to change life for their people in their hands - the power of the community working together to ensure that their elders and children do not go hungry. The Wanblee community has also set aside a building and coolers for the food pantry and community members are enthusiastic about doing their part to help.

Community Meals

Manderson and Wounded Knee are planning to provide a community meal once a day during the summer. They are hoping to set up a food pantry in the near future. Not only would it alleviate the lack of food, but it would also make the program more cost effective, while allowing more people to get the help that they need.

Developing Sustainable Food Sources

We are working on sustainability by developing sources of food right on the reservation. The Lakota wish to reintroduce the staples of their traditional diet. This will not only provide renewable food supply, but is also an important step to eliminating diet-related disease. Some of the plans include:

  • Establishing a herd of buffalo.
  • Building a meat processing facility for buffalo and hunted animals.
  • Supporting gardens and green houses. 

The Lakota are also eager to help stock the food pantries with traditional foods such as buffalo meat, flat bread, choke cherries, buffalo berries, and wild turnips.

A Reason For Hope

While we have applied for grants, it is imperative that we make food available now. Recently, a large-scale experiment showed, with rigorous evidence, what works to lift people out of the most extreme poverty is hope. Giving people a reason to hope will enable them achieve a better life. However, children who continually go without food have little reason to hope. We are asking for your help. Our mantra is “Not even one child suffering from a lack of food.

Please donate to this cause. Please ask your friends to help.

If not us, then who?

or send check/money order to: PO Box 3209 Rapid City SD 57709

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