Rallying for One Spirit

Kelly and young dancers

A message from Kelly Quinn...

“Families that are stressed and impoverished — trapped in cycles of poverty — can feel a hopelessness that becomes self-fulfilling. Give people reason to hope that they can achieve a better life, and that, too, can be self-fulfilling.” 'The Power of Hope is Real'-Nicholas Kristof, NY Times, May 21, 2014

Kelly and kids

Throttle Girl, One Spirit & the Oglala Lakota Nation are Rallying All, sharing Lakota Black Hills Heritage with Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for the first time ever, Friday August 7th at the Legendary Buffalo Chip! Engaging one of the largest philanthropic giving people in the world, the motorcycle riding community, this Lakota Heritage Ride, cultural celebration and bridge of hope is the first of many more to come; being the start of something incredibly special for all those who experience it! Please come, share with your friends and help Throttle Up!  Must pre-register to claim your spot Friday Aug. 7th, Claim your experience and share it with your friends at:


Not able to rally with us during Sturgis on August 7th, we'll forgive you! But please, you can still help make a difference and you're in the right place to do so! You can still support the cause right from the comfort of your own home. Make a donation today and we'll make you part of the Rally Factor! Every dollar counts my friends make a huge difference in the lives of Lakota Youth, thank you for being a part of this movement.

Kelly and JeriLet's take a moment to hear from Jeri Baker, Director of One Spirit on One Sprit, joining forces with Throttle Girl and working as well as learning from our Lakota friends on Pine Ridge Reservation.

"20,000 Children on Pine Ridge Reservation are continually without adequate food and often go without meals. They can vividly describe hunger pains and the experience of going to sleep to try to forget about being hungry. Grandparents who care for grandchildren talk about sending kids to school even when they are sick because that is the only place they can get food. At the end of school in May, over 20 young people came to a local government office asking how they could get food during the summer. Many grandparents call One Spirit asking for food - not for themselves but for their grandchildren." Jeri Baker tells us. She continues our talk by stating, "The consequences of insufficient food are dire, particularly for children. It affects both physical and mental development, increases susceptibility to disease, and causes severe depression even in young children."

One Spirit is determined to provide the food needed by the Lakota children on Pine Ridge Reservation. Not only is One Spirit continuing our monthly food program that provides fresh meat, fruit and vegetables to over 3000 people on the reservation but we are making nutritious food available at the Allen Youth Center, the Youth Emergency Shelter, and the transitional housing for young mothers and their children. Cartons of milk, children's nutrition bars, fresh fruit, fruit pouches, cereal bowls, cheese, nuts and seeds, and other nutritious food is being stocked at all the youth centers and fresh meat and vegetables at the emergency shelter and the transitional housing.

All the money donated here will go to put child friendly, nutritious food in reach of the children. It is hard to have hope for the future on a continually empty stomach. Give the Power of Hope. Please help feed both the mouths and minds of a bright Lakota future.

Throttle Girl, One Spirit and the Oglala Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation thanks you, with your help we are 'Rallying All' to Rise as One. Throttle Up!

Sincerely grateful, 

Kelly Quinn aka 'Throttle Girl'

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