The Distribution Center called to help more people

Food Day in July

The world produces enough food to feed everyone.

This past Saturday was food distribution day. Bamm and crew at the distribution center were overwhelmed with people needing food. Grandmothers, grandchildren, elders, families, the disabled all came to see if they could get food.

These honorable people. These Veterans. These grandmothers who care for their grandchildren. We could not turn them away until finally the food supply was depleted. We have ordered more food and we urgently hope to have as much participation as possible to meet this need.

Feeding South Dakota and Partnerships with Native Americans are helping but we still need to order meat and protein items. Additionally, we must buy the food from Feeding South Dakota albeit at a much-reduced price.

This Friday, August 5th, we will be providing food to those who did not get any on Saturday. Will you help us meet this goal of having enough food for those who have none?

Jeri Baker
Director, One Spirit

 Food DayKids with fruit 

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