One Spirit supports the Lakota Nation as they protect water supplies for all of us.


On the platform a petition was started by Zaysha Grinnell and the Modern Day Warriors to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Their intention is to get 500.000 people who sign their petition which will be presented to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Colonel John W. Henderson (Commander and District Engineer) and Jo-Ellen Darcy (United States Assistant Secretary of the Army).

Please show your support by signing the petition or donating to One Spirit who supports Lakota Youth on their way to Standing Rock.

These are the reasons why we are supporting the Lakota people:

From the very beginning of One Spirit in 2006 we said that we don't interfere or take part in political issues of the Lakotas but set our main emphasis on improving the living conditions for the people. 
However, with the pending construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), we must live up to our slogan in a new way: "Lakota op sagiya unkinajinpi" 
Not everyone of us can join the Lakota directly at the protesting site in North Dakota but we can support them in every other possible way. We do this wholeheartedly because too much is at risk right now! 
The pipeline construction has already destroyed sacred burial grounds. If it is completed and goes under the Missouri River, authorities say the pipeline carrying 480,000 barrels of oil each day will leak or break - as hundreds of other pipelines already have - and will contaminate the River. So it is a direct threat for the Lakota and for 18 million people downstream who rely on the Missouri for all of their water. 
Therefore, we are declaring that we support the Standing Rock Lakota in their protest against DAPL in every possible way.  Many elders from Pine Ridge Reservation already have traveled 400 miles there to help. Youths from Pine Ridge, (aged 15-25), want to join them too. Their mantra is "Water is Life." They are taking this action not just for native Americans but for everyone, they say.
The youths need money to get there, for sleeping bags and warm bedding, for tents where they can stay and for food. We are raising funds for these committed young people.  
Please show your support of the DAPL protest by donating for the Pine Ridge youth! Every amount will help. Wopila tanka.
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