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Checks or money orders made payable to One Spirit can be sent to:

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Running and Sports Programs

One Spirit supports running and sports activities throughout the reservation.

End Hunger Project

Working with the Lakota people to end hunger and prevent diet-related disease.

Sponsorship Program

Sponsors share friendships and provide direct assistance to Lakota children, families and elders with material needs.


One Spirit Service Coordinators live in various parts of the US and Europe. Through their use of telephones, computers, web cams, technology and visits to the Reservation, they are able to learn about and become friends with the Lakota, help sponsors understand the Lakota culture (and vice versa), and help meet the needs of Lakota families and elders for food, heat, and urgent situations. While doing these things, they are also an integral part of helping OS meet the goal of ending hunger on the Reservation and providing for the youth.

Lakota Women presenting traditional food

Are you looking for a very satisfying adventure? Would you like to work with the Lakota to make a change in our world? Would you like to be part of a team that includes the best people in the world to make that change happen?


On Serving the Lakota (from our Area Service Coordinators)


Being a One Spirit area service coordinator has been an extremely rewarding experience in my life. I started out as a sponsor but the more I got to know about the people of Pine Ridge the more I wanted to help. It is a very unique opportunity because you get to really know the people and families you are helping. And I have truly never met such grateful and appreciative people. 
Not only do I get to help them but I have learned so much about the culture and that is something I am very thankful for. ~ Erin


I truly love being a One Spirit coordinator. Why? it has allowed me to help people but it has given me more in return. The people of Pine Ridge have touched my life with their humanity, honesty and rather than being just on a professional arrangement it has touched my very being. It is time consuming but each day someone reaches out for help and in a small way I try to make their request a reality. Furthermore, it has allowed me to visit Pine Ridge to meet the families I have worked with and see their day to day struggles first hand. ~ Barbara


Powwow Dancers
Runners Traditional Food


For many years I have been wanting to do something that mattered for the Lakota. Tired of sitting on the sideline, I felt a strong urge and need to get involved now, but how? Led by the Spirit, I found the website of One Spirit, and after phone conversations with Jeri Baker, the Director, I knew I found the "how". Shortly after, I became an Area Service Coordinator (ASC).

One Spirit is a group of committed and supportive people, working in solidarity with the Lakota of the Pine Ridge Rez. For me, being an ASC is challenging. It stretches me, humbles me, it forces me to be creative and go outside of my comfort zone. It is consuming at times, and follow-thru on commitments made is a MUST!

With all my heart, I could not be happier with what I am doing because of who I do it for. The Lakota are incredible people! Friendships have been formed and emotions run strong, which further solidifies my commitment to them. Phone visits with them are a treasure, and I look forward to visiting the Rez later this year. I have"Family" there.

Consider joining the One Spirit family as an ASC, doing what we do for the Lakota Oyate of the Pine Ridge Rez. Make a difference! 
~ Christine

Lakotas and Volunteers 

I have been an Area Service Coordinator since February 2016 and find the work very rewarding. I love talking to the people on the reservation although they sometimes have trouble with my accent (I'm English). I love what I do and it's a bonus that its helping to make other people's life easier. ~ Peta


Would you like to make a change in our world?

Would you like to work with the best people in the world to make that change happen? Give us a call or send an email.

Jeri Baker, (570) 460-6567,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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