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The days of summer are here in Lakota Country, and it’s beautiful. As I look out across the Great Oglala Lakota nation I can feel the presence of the spirit of the long ago. Where life can sometimes hit a low it can also hit a high. Each month when we do our One Spirit food sharing day there’s always some really good stories that come about and sometimes I have a spot where I can actually write and tell them.

Here is one for you all. It starts out long ago when I first experienced the food program of One Spirit. One day a car pulled up outside the garage. The big food day was happening and we had been very busy in the hustle of getting the food out to the people. This car pulls up in front of the door outside. The driver sits in there and yells my name. I go over and see it’s a guy and as I talk to him I notice something, he had no legs. I notice he had a cane he was using to push the brake and the gas pedal. I asked him if he got out here ok and he said with a smile “no problem I got to feed my family”. We gave him a food box and after some fun and joking around he drove off.

I stood there watching him drive off and I really admired his true determination to overcome whatever obstacles life puts in front of him. A man with no legs with determination would figure out a way to get out to the food garage to get some food for his family. If he could do that I bet, he has figured out more ways to overcome the many more obstacles of rez life too. That was a great example - to never give up and remember there is always a way. He drove the car slowly and it looked safe too. After he was out of sight I still stood there. I kind of wished more people were like him around here. We can learn from this guy who has no legs but he sure does know how to fly like an eagle.

This year about a couple of months ago on food day I was in the garage and looked and this same guy came walking in. He had some of those artificial legs. He was smiling and told me the story of when and how he got them. They could be obtained through MediCAD but he was reluctant. The Area Service Coordinator urged him to try them out. When that ASC died, he decided he would try them in her memory. One Spirit paid for transportation for him and he got the legs and went for physical therapy. He was back and came walking in this past Saturday. Soon as he came up to me I said “How’s the landing gear?” He looked at me with a big smile that showed me he knew exactly what I was talking about.


Let’s all fly like eagles today

says Bamm Brewer

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