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Press Release Charging Buffalo House



JULY 7, 2018 11:00 AM (MDT)

One Spirit, a Native American service organization founded to assist and support the Oglala Lakota invites the press to the grand opening of the Charging Buffalo Facility. This FDA-approved processing facility for buffalo and game produced on the Pine Ridge Reservation represents a new opportunity to help the Lakota gain healthful food independence and potentially make products for sale to the public, thus enhancing the economic progress of the Reservation.

The Pine Ridge Reservation is located in the two poorest counties in the United States, with chronic problems that range from poor nutrition to disease, alcoholism, unemployment, and high rates of suicide. One Spirit operates programs to provide healthful food options, youth programs, athletic programs and cultural awareness to the Oglala Lakota, in order to help them maintain their unique and proud native culture.

We invite you to come and see the beauty and culture of the Lakota and the pride of the people during this grand opening. You can learn about traditional meat carving, watch dancing and drumming and get a tour of the Allen Youth Center and meet the next generation of Lakota.

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Gardens of progress

One of the touchstones, or foundational principles, of One Spirit has been, from the beginning, to help the Oglala Lakota help themselves. Instead of merely handing out aid as such, we have always tried to find ways to enhance the ability of the oyate to become more self-sufficient. This applies not only to improved nutrition, which our food program works to address, but to help create the means for the Lakota to work on solving problems on the reservation that respects Lakota traditions and culture.

Charging Buffalo Facility

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At Year's End, A Great New Beginning

Entrace of Charging Buffalo FacilityThe Charging Buffalo Facility Exterior

One Spirit has always had as our core mission the providing of nutritional support to the people of the Oglala Lakota living on the poverty-swept Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.
As we have grown and identified other ways to help these proud people out of the morass of poverty, disease, and desperation that years of neglect have caused, the Lakota have always responded by working harder and harder to achieve self-sufficiency. They have not settled for becoming charity cases, but have used the assistance we have tried to provide to find their own way to take care of the Oyate ("People").

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