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Food Program goes "Traditional"

One Spirit is thrilled to be able to offer 2 pounds of traditional, buffalo stew meat in the food boxes this month! This 100% grass-fed meat not only has a rich flavor, but is high in protein and much lower in fat and calories than chicken, beef, pork and even some fish. 


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At Year's End, A Great New Beginning

Entrace of Charging Buffalo FacilityThe Charging Buffalo Facility Exterior

One Spirit has always had as our core mission the providing of nutritional support to the people of the Oglala Lakota living on the poverty-swept Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.
As we have grown and identified other ways to help these proud people out of the morass of poverty, disease, and desperation that years of neglect have caused, the Lakota have always responded by working harder and harder to achieve self-sufficiency. They have not settled for becoming charity cases, but have used the assistance we have tried to provide to find their own way to take care of the Oyate ("People").

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Last push for the Charging Buffalo House


One of the amazing things about watching an elite athlete running a race, even a marathon, is that will to put forth a final burst of energy to achieve a victorious outcome.

For the past few years, One Spirit and the Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Reservation have been running a marathon effort to complete the Charging Buffalo House: a fully-equipped, USDA-compliant meat processing facility that will enable the Lakota to process buffalo and other traditional meats to provide sound nutrition to people so desperately in need.


Outside of Buffalo Charging House Interior of Buffalo Charging House

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The Road to Independence

One last obstacle

The walk-in cooler (photo below) is the Last Obstacle to a fully functional USDA compliant meat processing facility. They're crazy expensive. This unit is quoted at $22,200.00 for the cooler and shipping. Then there's the cost of installation.

The Lakota have worked so hard to make the Charging Buffalo House a reality, from sweat equity to donations by Lakota artists to try and raise funds to reach the finish line this season.

Fall is the harvest time for buffalo and for other game taken by Lakota hunters, so the need for your generous donations is acute to enable One Spirit and the Lakota to get the Charging Buffalo House up and running immediately.

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