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Your Support Makes Great Things Happen

Did you know all that we accomplished together?

For over 10 years, through partnership with the Lakota we have:

  • Built a safe house for youth
  • Sent the first Lakota team ever to the NYC marathon
  • Built a youth center
  • Provided food for the neediest of families on Pine Ridge Reservation
  • Delivered fresh produce and meat for 600 families representing 5,000 people each month
  • Delivered wood to hundreds of homes yearly
  • Met thousands of urgent needs for families

Whew! That's quite a list and a lot of work!!



Our goal now is to establish sustainable food programs that will not only end hunger but also contribute to the reservation economy.

How we are doing it

The Buffalo House

The Buffalo House, slated for a grand opening this summer, will bring back traditional healthy meat to the people and provide jobs to Lakota workers. Once fully operational it will help keep revenue within the community.

Community Gardens

Produce compatible with the local climate is also being grown in several community gardens throughout the reservation. We are planning to have much more in the next growing season.

Second Building for Food Program

Our next step is to support the opening of a second building for the food program, also run by the Lakota. It will serve as a food pantry that carries the basic staples, but will also provide the traditional food of the Lakota including Wasna, Choke Cherries, timpsila, beef and buffalo jerky.




Becoming Self-Sufficient

As we go forward, with your continued support, the Lakota will finally be able to care for themselves. No more need to rely on charities. Instead, they will have a self-sufficient community free to nurture their people and their culture as they see fit. 

It is a beautiful goal  - for them and for us. 
Thank you a million times over for being part of this venture.



Reported on Huffington Post, a recent study from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation found that the average life expectancy on Pine Ridge Reservation is 20 years shorter than neighboring regions.

The Pine Ridge reservation is the nation’s eighth largest, encompassing 3,500 square miles, and one of the poorest. Its rate of people living below the U.S. poverty level is 44.2 percent, compared with South Dakota’s overall rate of 13.7 percent, according to Census Bureau figures.

In Pine Ridge, more than 80 percent of the residents are unemployed and more than one-third of the homes lack running water or electricity. Alcoholism is a systemic problem and diets are so poor that half the population over 40 years old is diabetic.



Fighting Hunger and Diet-Related Disease

Lack of protein can cause brain and emotional impairments in young children and lead to chronic health conditions later in life. The average child needs about 40 grams of protein daily to support growth and cognitive function, yet many Lakota children receive much less than that. We are supplying more meat to help with this need.

It's just one more reason why the buffalo house is so important to the Lakota. Once a traditional staple of the Lakota diet, the buffalo provides a nutrient-rich, lean source of protein. Along with community gardens being established on the reservation, it will have a huge impact on hunger and malnutrition on Pine Ridge.


Join the Lakota in the fight against hunger



May Selections

Food Orders Due - Friday, May 19th

Food Delivery - Saturday, May 27th

Food Box $65.00*

  • Apples, 6 pcs
  • Carrots, 1 Package
  • Hamburger, 3#
  • Juicy Juice, 8 pack
  • Onions, 3 pcs
  • Oranges, 6 pcs
  • Potatoes, 10#
  • Sausages, 1#

    There may be some variation in the menu according to availability.

Note: This month we will only be providing food boxes.
Most program participants are requesting toilet paper,
laundry and dish soap, and shampoo. We are in the
process of obtaining a more cost effective-source for these items so we can try to meet the need. 


Food Orders

Please email your food orders to Sharon Autry
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Delivery Questions

For food delivery questions contact Lisa Knouff
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By Mail

Checks or money orders made payable to One Spirit can be sent to:

One Spirit
PO Box 3209
Rapid City SD 57709



Thank you for helping the Oglala Lakota through ONE Spirit!