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July brings fireworks to One Spirit. We are pleased to announce that with your generous support we have been able to begin working on opening a second Food Distribution Center. This second location will greatly relieve the need to deliver food house to house, and more important, will enable families to come in to choose some of their own food. Additionally, plans are underway to develop the land to grow traditional foods for distribution. 

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In addition to your support, we want to recognize Feeding South Dakota (FSD) and partnerships with Native Americans who have greatly assisted with this venture. While we will still need to purchase food from FSD, we are working on grant applications to assist with the first two years of operation.

Each month you help us feed over 5000 individuals – your support has been instrumental in helping us reach our goals of sustainability. Without you, we never could have realized a second Food Distribution Center, the Buffalo House or the myriad of other smaller projects that we undertake.

We hope you never forget that we value your fellowship. It plays a vital role and has a major impact on the lives of others.



 July Selections

Food Orders Due - Sunday, July 23rd

Food Delivery - Saturday, July 29th

Food Box $65.00*

  • Apples, 6 pcs
  • Carrots, 2 Packages
  • Cucumbers, 3 pcs
  • Hamburger, 3#
  • Onions, 3 pcs
  • Oranges, 6 pcs
  • Potatoes, 2 - 10# bags
  • Sausages, 1#
  • Summer squash
  • Zucchini

    There may be some variation in the menu according to availability.

Food Orders

Please email your food orders to Sharon Autry
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Delivery Questions

For food delivery questions contact Lisa Knouff
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Major Credit Card



By Mail

Checks or money orders made payable to One Spirit can be sent to:

One Spirit

PO Box 3209

Rapid City SD 57709