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JULY 7, 2018 11:00 AM (MDT)

One Spirit, a Native American service organization founded to assist and support the Oglala Lakota invites the press to the grand opening of the Charging Buffalo Facility. This FDA-approved processing facility for buffalo and game produced on the Pine Ridge Reservation represents a new opportunity to help the Lakota gain healthful food independence and potentially make products for sale to the public, thus enhancing the economic progress of the Reservation.

The Pine Ridge Reservation is located in the two poorest counties in the United States, with chronic problems that range from poor nutrition to disease, alcoholism, unemployment, and high rates of suicide. One Spirit operates programs to provide healthful food options, youth programs, athletic programs and cultural awareness to the Oglala Lakota, in order to help them maintain their unique and proud native culture.

We invite you to come and see the beauty and culture of the Lakota and the pride of the people during this grand opening. You can learn about traditional meat carving, watch dancing and drumming and get a tour of the Allen Youth Center and meet the next generation of Lakota.

Buffalo have been critical food sources to the Lakota for many generations, as well as providing shelter, clothing, and tools. One Spirit and the Lakota have spent several years raising funds to build the Charging Buffalo Facility and encourage the return of the buffalo as a central source of food and more once again. The goal is better nutrition, economic independence, and renewed pride among the people of Pine Ridge.

Ultimately, returning the buffalo to Pine Ridge could contribute greatly to ending hunger on the Reservation.


The Charging Buffalo Project will:

  • Increase the buffalo herd on the reservation
  • Set up a USDA-certified meat processing facility
  • Make traditional meats available for the Food Program
  • Create local employment
  • Keep funds on the reservation

More info:


When and where

Charging Buffalo Facility Grand Opening Saturday, July 7, 2018 11:00 AM (MDT)

*Tour the first and only meat processing facility on Pine Ridge Reservation

*Tanning demo

*Dancing and Drumming

*Buffalo burgers for lunch

*Donor Honoring Ceremony (hand-made star quilts given out to special donors)

*Press and visitors may also tour the Allen Youth Center**


Key facts about the Allen Youth Center and the Town of Allen:

Allen, South Dakota, has the dubious distinction of being, according to census figures, the poorest community in the United States. In 2016, approximately 93.5% of the population there lived below the federal poverty line, with about half below 50% of that line. The population, listed in the 2010 census as 420, (with about 600 people total in the nearby area), endures roughly 85% unemployment. The grinding poverty (per capita income is less than $4000 annually) contributes to poor health, alcoholism, early death (men, about 48 years and women, about 52 years), elevated rates of suicide (among youth, about twenty times higher than national averages), a school dropout rate around 70%, and infant mortality at five times the national average.  (Note: these statistics are from U.S. census figures and Native News Online).


*Directions to Charging Buffalo Facility: Shared route from Google Maps
From BIG BATS 1 PINE RIDGE to Charging Buffalo Facility via BIA Hwy 32.

10 min (5.5 mi)
1. Head west on BIA Hwy 32 toward CC Yards Rd
2. Arrive at location: Charging Buffalo Facility

For the best route in current traffic visit


**Allen Youth Center, Allen, SD