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Philáuŋyayapi! A single word, yet one filled with our heartfelt sentiments. Thanks to your generosity and responsiveness, we were able to meet our Food Funding Shortfall. Your donation meant that we didn’t have to turn away any hungry families.

Girl with food  boxes

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20K Grant Challenge for Buffalo House Completion


Meat House and Tipi

The Charging Buffalo facility is entering the final stages of construction.

We are now installing the heating/air-conditioning and the walk-in cooler and approaching the completion of the building.

While there is still much work to be done, a generous donor is offering a giant leap forward. They will match every dollar donated to the Buffalo House, up to $20,000. Whatever amount you donate will be doubled.

By joining the Lakota to complete this project, you are helping to end hunger now and for the next generation.

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Learning from the Buffalo Nation


The Buffalo Nation teaches us how to be a family.

They care for their very young and very old, keeping them safe in the center of the circle.

They teach us to care for and protect each other in the same way.

And by bringing the Buffalo Nation back to the Reservation, families will be strong again.

- John DuBray, Lakota Elder