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Economic Initiatives

Support Lakota economic initiatives for self sufficiency including a Fair Market for jewelry, arts, and Women’s Sewing co-ops.

We support initiatives developed by the Lakota people by working together with them to identify needed resources and means of funding.

Some initiatives are the Women’s Sewing co-ops and Fair Market Price for Arts and Crafts.

You can help the Lakota people renew their economy and their communities. This project promotes development that brings jobs and educational opportunities to both the youth and the adult members of the tribe.

Fair Markets for Arts and Crafts

Many of the artists on the reservation produce high quality, original, creative work. They are much in need of outlets for their products that will pay them a fair price for their work. Some of our sponsors and friends work with individual artists to locate and utilize likely markets.

If you can help and would like to be involved in this project, please contact Vincent DelPizzo by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Porcupine Quillwork

Porcupine quillwork is one of the oldest forms of artwork used by the Lakota nation. Long before glass beads were brought  from the old  world, porcupine quills were used to decorate and adorn clothing, weapons utensils and jewelry.

The time consuming work includes taking the quills off the porcupine, they have to be sorted, washed and then dyed. One or both tips are removed so the hollow quills can be moistened and flattened. Then the quills  are wrapped around pieces of rawhide which is the base of earrings or bracelets.

These original works of art directly support Lakota economic development, self sufficiency and sustainability on tribal lands.

To purchase one of these beautiful designs please contact:

Singing Horse Trading Post

HC 49 Box 285
Porcupine SD 57772 
Phone:  605.455.2143 

Women’s Sewing Co-Ops

Women in different areas of the reservation have formed sewing circles to both make clothes for their own families and to make quilts and other items to sell both on and off the reservation.

Click here to read more about Lakota quilt work of the Allen Elderly Sewing Club.

How You Can Help

Sending Supplies

If you would like more information about how you can help either by sending sewing supplies or providing markets for the finished products, please contact:

Jeri Baker
Email: jbaker@nativeprogress.org
Phone: 570-460-6567

Product Venues

If you know of a good outlet for Lakota arts, please contact:
Vincent DelPizzo
Email: vdelpizzo@nativeprogress.org

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