These families and elders are currently looking for sponsors:



This is a Sponsorship request for a lovely Elder who has endured many hardships in her time. Surviving cancer and battling diabetes has taken its toll. Losing loved ones to suicide and watching the struggles of the younger generation has pulled at her precious heart. Seeing the beauty and hope in life is what she continues to do and keeps it her going strong to raise her grandchildren. This elder enjoys being outdoors and gardening even though her health often limits what she can do. Having a Sponsor would make her life so much easier.  #139-04-0817-02
A disabled Elder, and her older son that lives with her and takes care of her, are hoping for the support of sponsorship. They live in a house that has no running water, and the son makes regular trips to town (when weather and the road conditions permit) in order to get water to haul back to their house. They have very little income and barely make it stretch from month to month, doing without many of the basics. #140-02-0817-01
This Grandmother has a lot on her shoulders. The difficulties of being an amputee and on dialysis makes everyday a struggle. Being disabled and raising four grandkids alone is more than most people could handle. Despite these challenges she finds joy in her life. Her role as Grandma is very important to her and a zest for life keeps her going strong. Having a sponsor would give this lovely lady some hope and a break that she so deserves. #139-12-0817-01
This little boy has been patiently waiting since March for a sponsor.
He was 7 when he first started asking and he is now 8.
He doesn't understand why his sister got a sponsor and he didn't.
He said he is happy that she did but he would like to have one too. He says he loves sports and playing outside. #147-16-0817-01
This is a sponsorship request for a bright energetic 9 year old boy. Grandma describes him as a very sweet active child who loves to play. He enjoys sports and being outdoors. This curious little guy is always asking Grandma why girls get sponsors. #139-12-0817-02
A nine year old little boy has been waiting over a year for a sponsor....He is bright and talkative and would love a sponsor. Like all little boys he loves legos, sports and playing outside.
He is is being raised by his grandmother. He almost had to start school with no school supplies but someone from the Okini List sent him some. He says he will keep waiting for a sponsor but he sure hopes it will happen soon. #147-16-0817-02
She just turned 8 and has already experienced a lot in life. She lost her father to an illness but says she is grateful to have a grandmother who loves her. She loves to draw and says she is really glad that school has started. She loves cats and even has one for a pet. She had a sponsor a long time ago but they had to stop, she says, and she misses having one and talking to them on the phone. #147-16-0817-03


If you are able to sponsor a child, an elder or a family and would like to have more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and tell us the number of the person in question which you find at the end of every story.