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Pine Ridge runners address Colorado Mountain College

Pine Ridge Runners

Last October 9th, the federal holiday named for Christopher Columbus, eight Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge Reservation drove from their home in South Dakota to the mountains of Colorado. Seven are Sacred Hoop runners who ran from Arizona to Standing Rock, North Dakota last year to raise awareness about the need to protect water and Mother Earth. They ran to support a 15-year-old Hopi named Riley Ortega who started the Perseverance for Preservation Run to support the Standing Rock Sioux Lakota seeking to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline then being built and crossing underneath the Missouri River by their reservation.

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A Wild Update


By Jim Drevescraft

The ancient sport of lacrosse, which has been reborn as a major collegiate and professional sport in the past several years, is a uniquely Native American invention. While there are plentiful sports involving sticks and balls around the globe, the cultural significance and specific equipment used for lacrosse are unlike any other.

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The Oglala Wild - New Lacrosse Team on Pine Ridge


One Spirit is sponsoring The Oglala Wild - the new Pine Ridge Lacrosse Team - that is now in action. A three day training camp this week heralded the beginning. Spurred on by the donation of equipment by Ben Wiegel, a young man who gave the donation in support of Kobe's Cause, the team showed their talent and determination as they practiced in 100 degree heat. Their first event will be the Mankato Tourney September 23-24. Dale Pine, who coached the running team for the NYC Marathon, and Cory Black Feather are the primary coaches for The Oglala Wild.  

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Promo for Crazy Horse Ride 2017

In 2017 the Crazy Horse Ride will be very special, since it's going to be the 20th Ride! Watch a small video to learn what it is all about:

The Power of Wi


Non-profit, Everybody Solar, Raises Funds to Power the Youth Center

Everybody solar

In traditional Lakota cosmology, Wi is one of the most powerful deities: the sun god. Wi is associated with bravery, endurance, courage and truth, among other attributes.
In a sense, we of One Spirit feel we are suddenly receiving a sort of smile of support from Wi that promises to benefit the Allen Youth Center and the entire Oglala Lakota. It comes in the form of an offer of help from another non-profit, Everybody Solar, which is dedicated to helping other non-profits get solar power installations to both save money and help save the environment.

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Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission: to Create a stronghold that Inspires, Educates, and Informs our youth.

Our Vision: to Enrich the lives of the youth though Culturally Based activities.

Our Values: to Teach our youth Generosity, Respect, Wisdom, and Fortitude.