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The Power of Wi


Non-profit, Everybody Solar, Raises Funds to Power the Youth Center

Everybody solar

In traditional Lakota cosmology, Wi is one of the most powerful deities: the sun god. Wi is associated with bravery, endurance, courage and truth, among other attributes.
In a sense, we of One Spirit feel we are suddenly receiving a sort of smile of support from Wi that promises to benefit the Allen Youth Center and the entire Oglala Lakota. It comes in the form of an offer of help from another non-profit, Everybody Solar, which is dedicated to helping other non-profits get solar power installations to both save money and help save the environment.

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Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission: to Create a stronghold that Inspires, Educates, and Informs our youth.

Our Vision: to Enrich the lives of the youth though Culturally Based activities.

Our Values: to Teach our youth Generosity, Respect, Wisdom, and Fortitude.


Good Things happening

Grounds clean up

We are so glad to announce that Travis Thunder Bull has been "officially" named as the Allen (Pass Creek) Youth Center Director, by the Pass Creek Tribal Council. Travis and the community children are working hard to clean the grounds, mow the grass, and provide a safe place for the little ones.

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Need for Youth Centers



Why We Need Youth Centers at Pine Ridge

Listen to the Children

“Being hungry is giving your food to your brothers and deciding which one to give it to because we are all hungry.”

Recently I sat with 6 young people from Pine Ridge Reservation and listened. A young girl described what it was like to be hungry and have no food. In a discussion about what should be in a youth center, the young people asked for a counselor they could talk to, not someone with degrees but just people who would be there for them. 

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Allen Youth Center


About the Allen Youth Center


The Lakota youth of Pine Ridge Reservation are the foundation of their people’s future.

The youth center in Allen stands as a promise and symbol of hope. It is a recognition that the youth are the future of the Lakota nation and that they will have the help they need to carry forward the traditions and responsibilities of their people. 

Along with a safe place to hang out, the center offers study areas, recreation, and counseling in a welcoming environment that provides realistic alternatives to drugs, alcohol and gangs. The center will provide food, a place to stay overnight when needed, computer, music, mentors, tutors, cultural immersion, and lots of care and support.