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Team ONE Spirit - The Lakota 5

Team One Spirit Lakota 5

Team ONE Spirit - the Lakota 5 are running for the Lakota youth. They are competing to raise funds to build the Allen Youth Center and inspire native youth to create a brighter future.

Support the Lakota athletes. The time for a better future is now.

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Donations/contributions may also be made by check or money order to ONE Spirit and sent to:

ONE Spirit
PO Box 3209
Rapid City SD 57709

Tribal Resolution

In September 2011, the tribal council of the Oglala Lakota passed a resolution in support of One Spirit.

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Now you can get your own One Spirit T-Shirt or one of the beautiful bracelets we are offering.

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Now you have the great opportunity to raise money for One Spirit while you are shopping without paying more for your products. Click on the link below to learn how it works.

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Sponsorship Program





The Sponsorship program has always been an important OS program that brings assistance directly to families and elders and also promotes inter-cultural understanding and friendship. Both families and sponsors tell us frequently how much it means to them. Both seem to gain equal benefits from the program. There are about 800 sponsors in the program at this time and about 1000 children and elders on the waiting list hoping for a sponsor. The children and elders on the program have urgent needs for warm clothing, blankets, shoes, food and other basic needs.

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Quotation of the week

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” 
― Margaret Mead

Team One Spirit NYC 2014

On November 2nd, Team One Spirit will be back in New York to participate in the annual New York City Marathon

Team One Spirit

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Children's FutureThis painting is entitled "Our Children Hold the Future in their Hands". Mixed media on Canvas. 45.7 cm x 50.8 cm. unframed, gallery-wrapped, finished edges.

For every $10.00 you donate to One Spirit Youth Programs, you will receive an entry to the drawing for this extraordinary art piece.


Betty Tuininga"I am willing to donate the painting benefit One Spirit's YOUTH program. This is something that is near and dear to my heart."

"The painting is very textural as it is a combination of oils mixed with cold waxed and applied with a palette knife. It gives it a raw visceral appeal. My impetus for painting this was my frustration with the state of world peace and the state of poverty and life within our own country. I realized that I would never see those changes in my lifetime. My young grandsons (the models for this painting) have so much ahead of them. I realized that they, along with the rest of their generation, are the hope of the world. It is so much to hand off to them... and for each generation that follows. I am also painfully aware that for some, the effort is acutely more difficult!"
~Betty Tuininga, Artist


Meat House Project

Read Bamm's latest update on The One Spirit Lakota Meat House Project

Construction work

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ONE Spirit

ONE Spirit is a federally registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Monetary donations are tax deductible. 90% of all donations/contributions received are used for direct support of the Lakota programs. 
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